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Jewish Networks and Directories


1.gif (1315 bytes) Global Jewish Information Network- Jewishnet
1.gif (1315 bytes) Shamash - Serving the Jewish Internet
1.gif (1315 bytes) The Jewish Communication Network
1.gif (1315 bytes) Jewish on the WELL
1.gif (1315 bytes) Judaism Directory in Yahoo
1.gif (1315 bytes) Andrew Tannebaum's Judaism and Jewish Resources
1.gif (1315 bytes) Alphabetical Index (Maven)
1.gif (1315 bytes) Virtual Jerusalem
1.gif (1315 bytes) Jerusalem One Gateway
1.gif (1315 bytes) Jewhoo
1.gif (1315 bytes) Frum Side of the Web.
1.gif (1315 bytes) Jewish Web listings in French.
1.gif (1315 bytes) Israeli Internet Service Providers.
1.gif (1315 bytes) Israel's ISP's
1.gif (1315 bytes) Shai Israel Mandel page


Jewish Software Reviews


1.gif (1315 bytes)Board of Jewish Education - San Francisco: Jewish Software Reviews
1.gif (1315 bytes)Ronnie Figdor Jewish Software Reviews


User Support


1.gif (1315 bytes) Hebrew Support Page from the Hebrew University 
One of the best pages for getting support for Hebrew in the Network. Includes sofware and fonts for Unix, PC and Macintosh.
1.gif (1315 bytes) Support Page for Users of the MACAM98 Network 
This support page maintained by the Computer Centre of the MACAM98 Teachers Colleges Network offers very good documentation for current services and software available in the network. Many of these documents are in Hebrew.


FTP Archives of Jewish Interest


1.gif (1315 bytes) Technion FTP Archive
1.gif (1315 bytes) MACAM98 - Israeli Teachers' Colleges Network FTP Site
1.gif (1315 bytes) The Hebrew University FTP site
1.gif (1315 bytes) Bar Ilan University FTP Archive
1.gif (1315 bytes) FTP Archives at Shamash
1.gif (1315 bytes) Israeli Folkdance FTP Archive
1.gif (1315 bytes) FTP Archives at Jerusalem One
1.gif (1315 bytes) Hebrew True Type Fonts (RTL)
1.gif (1315 bytes) Hebrew Text Viewer Hebrew from Visual to Logical and vice versa
1.gif (1315 bytes) Hebrew Date Converter
1.gif (1315 bytes) Hebrew Resources TEX and Unix
1.gif (1315 bytes) Dictionnaires Including Hebrew and Yiddish


Selected Shareware for General Purposes


1.gif (1315 bytes) Recommended Software from the MACAM98 Network  
A selection of software for Windows 3.11 and Windows 95 from the MACAM98 Teachers Colleges Network
1.gif (1315 bytes) Dave Central  
An excellent place for finding a wide range of software and reviews needed for the intelligent surfing of the Internet
1.gif (1315 bytes) Windows 3x Software from Tucows
1.gif (1315 bytes) Macintosh Software from Tucows
1.gif (1315 bytes) Windows 95 Software from Tucows


Jewish Software Companies


1.gif (1315 bytes) LEV Software
1.gif (1315 bytes) Right to Left Software
1.gif (1315 bytes) Jewish Software Center
1.gif (1315 bytes) Lifecycle Software
1.gif (1315 bytes) Kabbalah Software
1.gif (1315 bytes) Davka Corporation




1.gif (1315 bytes) Calculating Calendars
1.gif (1315 bytes) Hebrew Calendar Science and Myths
1.gif (1315 bytes) Jewish Holidays


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